Meredith McNeil

Thursday, October 5th, 2023 11:41am

With all the chatter and noise regarding the budding romance of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, Chad and Meredith discovered a new love story borne out of the NFL that is too cute for words. And the internet is here for it! Here's our interview and the story is below:


On an Eagles Fan Page on Tuesday, a woman named Aliza posted a not-so-great-profile of a man she was looking for who had shared his slice of pizza with her at the Eagles game, post-win. They both had imbibed (a little), and Aliza had claimed she was hungry. This young man offered up his slice of pizza proclaiming that she should not forget the pepperoni. The bite was taken. And away she went. That was the end of the encounter.

Or so you thought.

The following day, she posted on the Facebook Eagles Fan Club Page that she was trying to find the man pictured. And that she wanted to offer to take him out for a pizza as a way of thanks. With the help of 2 Philadelphia fan pages, within 40 minutes, Aaron had been found. 

After several imposters tried to claim they were him, the real Aaron reached out to her, the conversation continued, and a date was set to hang out the next night at the Phillies playoff game.


It appears that they had a great time at the Phillies game. But how did it REALLY go?! And is there a 2nd date?! Inquiring minds, i.e. the internet wants to know...


Share a slice. Shoot your shot. - Aaron Jones

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