The B 95.5 Secret Sound

The B 95.5 Secret Sound

Shhhhh.. you’re going to want to listen up because it’s B95.5’s

Secret Sound

and your chance to win cash!

Listen weekdays at 9a, 11a, 1p, and 3p for the B95.5 Secret Sound!

Identify it correctly and you can win cash!

Identify it wrong and we’ll add another $50 to the pot until someone figures it out!

It’s the B95.5 Secret Sound with Coles Collision and B95.5

Past Sounds

Sound #5 Video

Sound #5

6/2 3PM – Pepper Grinder (WINNER!! Berni from Albany) $250

Sound #4 Video

Sound #4

6/1 3PM – Paper shredder (WINNER!! Susie from Sharon Springs) $150

Sound #3 Video

Sound #3

6/1 11AM – Microwave door (WINNER!! Terry from Albany) $700!

Sound #2 Video

Sound #2

5/26 9AM – The scroller wheel on a computer mouse (WINNER!! Jessica from Duanesburg) $1,850!

Sound #1 Video

Sound #1

5/15 9AM – Keurig dripping coffee (WINNER!! Allison from Corinth) $100

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