‘Mass Casualty Drill’ to be Held at SPAC

‘Mass Casualty Drill’ to be Held at SPAC

Terry O’Donnell

It’s not anything to worry about, but there will be a large police presence at Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Sunday. Law enforcement is practicing for a potential ‘mass casualty’ event in the future.

Police and volunteers will simulate a large concert crowd at the venue where a scenario involving hundreds, even thousands of people are injured at one event. Sunday’s drill is to replicate a Dave Matthews Band concert, which typically brings in upwards of 15,000 to 20,000 fans.

The drill is a coordinated effort between State Police, Park Police, Saratoga Springs Police, Saratoga Hospital and Albany Med. NewsChannel 13’s Mark Mulholland spoke at the Tuesday meeting to discuss the media’s role should a catastrophic event take place:

It’s public, it’s social media and then it’s the authorities. So you guys are left to try to clarify and try to correct. If there is one person who can be relied upon to provide the latest information [to the media], that would be tremendously helpful.

The drill runs Sunday from 7am to 12pm. Volunteers are needed to portray concert attendees and injured victims. If interested, fill out the application. Refreshments will be served.

feature photo: NewsChannel 13 video

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