‘Dust Devil’ Caught on Video in Washington County

‘Dust Devil’ Caught on Video in Washington County

Terry O’Donnell

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day to be outside in the Capital Region. Tim and Liz Nichols were out and about in North Granville when they caught a weather phenomena called a ‘dust devil’ on video.

According to the National Weather Service, a dust devil is a type of whirlwind less powerful than a tornado. It forms when forms when warm air rises from the ground and forms a vortex. It continues to rise and increase in speed. They usually only last for a few seconds.

As Steve Caporrizo explains in his Facebook post, dust devils can reach speeds of 40-50mph. In places like Arizona, they are known to kick up dust and debris and have at times caused damage to homes and small structures. This one seemed pleasant enough though.

photo: Steve Caporizzo, Facebook Video

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