Outstanding Women Sarah Zwack

Outstanding Women Sarah Zwack

Hannaford Supermarkets and B95.5 are partnering to identify and celebrate women in the Capital Region its the

20 Outstanding Women!

Todays Outstanding Woman is Sarah Zwack from Westerlo!

Sarah is a trained EMT who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Her nominator, Lori, was hit by a drunk driver in 2022. Sarah happened to pass by at the time of the accident and stepped in. She knocked out the window and helped Lori escape her car which was filling up with smoke. She wasn’t on the clock, and didn’t have to help, but she did anyway. Sarah is a selfless hero, and we are honored to call her one of Hannaford Supermarket’s 20 Outstanding Women!

Thank you to all the Outstanding Women who go above and beyond to make their communities a better place to live! The unsung heroes in our neighborhoods – those women who are already busy, yet find the time to give back in big ways to help others.

Each Outstanding Woman will be highlighted at on B95.5 with her own day of recognition, and will be invited to an exclusive celebration with all The 20 Outstanding Women!

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