Height Measuring System Coming to the Glenville Bridge

Height Measuring System Coming to the Glenville Bridge

We see it over and over again. Despite numerous warning signs and a newly constructed turnaround area, tractor trailers and box trucks ignore the red flags and attempt to make it under the bridge. It doesn’t work out well.

After years of slicing through big box trucks, there may be a glimmer of hope. The state DOT will be installing a laser detection system that will measure the height of trucks and alert drivers if their vehicle is too big to fit under the bridge. Glenville town Supervisor Chris Koetzle tells News 10 he’s cautiously optimistic.

We think it’s going to help mitigate hits. Not totally eliminate, but it will mitigate hits.

Koetzle says cameras will also be set up around the bridge so police will immediately know when a crash takes place.

Construction on the project will begin March 13 and wrap up by the end of August. Lane closures and detours should be expected from time to time.

feature photo: News 10 Video

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