First Scoop of the Season

First Scoop of the Season

Jackie Powell

With the warm weather rapidly approaching everyone is asking when their favorite Ice Cream spots are opening.  While most of the local spots have been quiet on their opening dates Guptill’s in Latham announced when they will be opening for the season -and the answer is sooner than you think!  Get the family ready for a scoop of your favorite flavor because according to Guptill’s Ice Creams Facebook page, ‘The King of Soft Serve’ opens for the season Saturday, March 18th at 11a!

Guptill’s will be kicking off their season scooping up 80 of their award winning flavors from Hard Ice Cream to Soft Yogurt and even non-dairy flavors.  From Chocolate Peanut Butter Twist to Strawberry Cheesecake and even dairy-free Cookie Dough Ice Cream, there is something for everyone.

Thousands came out for their seasonal closing in November to grab their last cone, cup or sundae some even stocking up with pints of their favorite flavors.  The beloved ice cream stand is expecting a similar turnout for opening day of their 29th season, hopefully with new flavors to add to the menu.

A seasonal staple for so many families in the area, we’ll all be hoping for great weather and awaiting the opening dates of our other favorite season spots like Snowman Ice Cream in Troy and Kurver Crème in Albany and Jumpin’ Jacks in Scotia (opening Thursday, March 30th at 11a).

Feature photo: Guptill’s Ice Cream via Facebook

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