Police Respond to Reports of a Gun at Shenendehowa

Police Respond to Reports of a Gun at Shenendehowa

Terry O’Donnell

Update 1:53pm: The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department has issued a statement on the incident at Shenendehowa High School on Tuesday morning. A student has been charged with ‘unlawful possession of a weapon on school grounds’, which is a violation level offense.

Shenendehowa High School was placed in a ‘hold in place’ mode after reports of a gun on campus. According to a statement on the school’s Facebook page, at around 10am a student contacted a parent reporting another student was in possession of a gun on campus. The parent then contacted police.

Students also came forward to school administrators to tell them about the possible firearm. A Saratoga County Sheriff’s deputy, who is also the school’s resource officer, started an investigation. For a short time Shenendehowa High School West was put on a ‘hold in place’.

State Police and Saratoga County Sheriff’s talked to students and after a search of the school an airsoft bb gun was found.

No word on the identity of the student or what charges are pending, however the school points out in its statement that it is a felony to bring a firearm to school.

Police continue to investigate. School officials encourage students to alert them any time there is a threat by calling them at (518) 603-4923.

feature photo: Melanie from Pixabay

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