Body Found Along Mohawk River is Samantha Humphrey

Body Found Along Mohawk River is Samantha Humphrey

Terry O’Donnell

Update 2/27 3:31pm: News 10 reports that Schenectady Police have confirmed the body found last Wednesday along the shore of the Mohawk River is that of 14 year old Samantha Humphrey. She was last seen on November 25th in the area of where her body was found. The cause of death was not released.

National Missing and Unidentified Persons System

Update 2/23 1:41pm: NewsChannel 13 is reporting that the body found Wednesday afternoon along the Mohawk River is indeed that of 14 year old Samantha Humphrey, who went missing on November 25th of last year.

NewsChannel 13 cites a Facebook post of a family member confirming the news:

When a s**t day becomes an even more terrible day, but at least now there is closure of sorts. We’ve all dreaded this day and here it is

A fisherman in the area discovered the body shortly before 3pm Wednesday, since then a large police presence has been in the area.

Update 4:48pm: Investigators are seen along the Mohawk River in what is being called an active crime scene.

Update 4:44pm: Schenectady Police Chief Eric Clifford confirms a body was pulled from the Mohawk River Wednesday afternoon. He says he cannot confirm the identity of the gender of the person at this time.

Schenectady and State Police are on the scene where a body was reportedly found Wednesday afternoon. Both NewsChannel 13 and the Times Union are reporting that a call came in to police reporting a girl’s body had been discovered.

The area in question is Riverside Park, located in the Stockade section of Schenectady. Fourteen year old Samantha Humphrey was last seen in that vicinity on November 25th of 2022.

Police have roped off the area and it is being treated as an active crime scene. A police airboat and divers are reportedly investigating a large portion of the river.

feature photo: NewsChannel 13

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