Coffee Chain Plans 20 Locations for the Capital Region

Coffee Chain Plans 20 Locations for the Capital Region

Terry O’Donnell

A popular coffee spot with locations throughout New England will soon begin serving in the Albany area.

Aroma Joe’s, which has shops in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts plans to expand to the Empire State. Over the next decade, they hope to open as many as 20 locations in the Capital Region.

What makes Aroma Joe’s different, is it’s focus on the drive-thru and walk up experience. COO David Tucci tells News 10 it’s a face to face interaction without intercoms or headsets.

You pull up to the order window. You’re getting a really fun, positive engagement with a barista and then you’ll drive around to the other side of the building and pick-up the order. It’s kind of a unique concept to this area.

The first location is already under construction at 660 Hoosick Road in Brunswick, and is targeting May for its grand opening.

In addition to different flavors and styles of coffee, Aroma Joe’s offers energy drinks, frozen drinks, kids drinks and breakfast items.

feature photo: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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