Local Church Steeple Struck by Lightning

Local Church Steeple Struck by Lightning

Was it a sign from above? The steeple at Broadalbin Baptist Church in Fulton County took a powerful lightning bolt earlier this week. It happened around 5:30 Tuesday night.

NewsChannel 13’s Dan Levy talked to church’s pastor Rob Phillips. He described the chaotic scene:

It was instantaneous. The whole sky lit up, we had bulbs blown out at my house cause we’re right across the parking lot.

At the church, they’re considering it a miracle that the building didn’t catch on fire, though there were some charred pieces of wood from the steeple found on the ground outside the church. The lightning also blew out a number of electronics.

In a twist of irony, Pastor Rob says the original church burned down in 1877 and this lightning strike is the second one that he knows of.

Luckily, the building didn’t suffer any damage and nobody was hurt.

feature photo: NewsChannel 13 Video

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