When to See The ‘Green Comet’ in the Capital Region

When to See The ‘Green Comet’ in the Capital Region

Not since the stone age has this celestial event happened. What has become known as the ‘green comet’ was first discovered in 2022. It’s estimated that its last journey past earth happened 50,000 years ago.

The comet, officially named C/2022 E3 (ZTF), will be visible to the naked eye the evening of 2/1. The Times Union spoke to physics and astronomy professor Dr. Valerie Rapson of SUNY Oneonta. She says the best time to see the comet will be tonight (2/1) between 10pm and midnight.

It’ll be just to the east or just to the right of Polaris, the North Star. And it’ll be just a little higher in the sky than the Big Dipper.

She adds that it will look like a ‘little green fuzzball with a faint tail’.

As for viewing conditions, it will be cold tonight with temps in the teens, but skies are expected to be partly cloudy – hopefully enough clarity to get a glimpse of this event, which was last seen by cave men.

feature photo: Reuters

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