‘Dangerously Cold’ Temps Coming to the Capital Region

‘Dangerously Cold’ Temps Coming to the Capital Region

It was a warmer than usual January, but February may make up for that. According to the National Weather Service, our coldest days of the season are just a few days away.

A very cold burst of weather will arrive in the Northeast Thursday night and stay into Saturday. Making it worse will be wind chills sending temperatures plunging into the negatives.

Thursday night’s low will be 9 above, while high temps on Friday and Saturday are only expected to get into the mid-teens. Gusty winds, however, will make it feel as low as 40 below in some areas.

The worst of it will come Friday night into Saturday with the Adirondacks experiencing the lowest temps.

The cold weather will last through Saturday night, once again getting back down into the single digits. Temperatures will rise into the mid 30’s on Sunday.

The National Weather Service recommends the following tips for extreme cold and wind chills:

  • Stay dry. Wet clothing results in much faster heat loss from your body. Wear waterproof insulated boots.
  • Stay covered. Wear mittens or gloves, and wear a hat. At least half of your body heat is lost if your head is not covered.
  • Dress layered. Trapped air between loose fitting clothing helps to insulate.
  • Stay informed. Have a portable NOAA weather radio nearby to keep you up-to-date with the latest forecasts and warnings. Use wind chill temperatures to guide you in dressing properly for the outdoors. On very cold days, minimize your exposure to the outdoors if possible.

feature photo: pixabay

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