VIDEO: Oil Thieves Strike Capital Region Pizza Shop AGAIN

VIDEO: Oil Thieves Strike Capital Region Pizza Shop AGAIN

Paesan’s Pizza in Latham has been struck once again by cooking oil bandits. It happened shortly after midnight the morning of January 12th. Video surveillance posted to twitter shows a dark red van pull up to the oil container behind the restaurant and (presumably) drain the used cooking oil.

Used oil is a commodity restaurants sell back to companies that process it into biofuel. However, over the last few years a black market has developed where thieves steal the oil, sell it on the black market, and pocket the money. Thus, the restaurant disposing of the oil does not get paid. And it’s a good amount of money they’re losing, according to Paesan’s Owner Frank Scavio. He wants to know when it will end.

What do we do with repeat offenders? it becomes a nuisance. It’s my own mental health that is suffering because I’m constantly going through this stuff.


Scavio’s restaurants have been robbed of cooking oil numerous times. Back in June, two men from Yonkers were arrested in relation to earlier oil thefts that happened at Paesan’s, but they continue to deal with these poachers who usually show up in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately in this last robbery, Scavio missed the notification from his security system that alerts them when a possible crime is in progress.

Paesan’s Pizza has recently teamed up with an Albany group called ‘Pastors on Patrol’ to help address crime issues in local neighborhoods.

feature photo: Paesan’s Pizza via Twitter

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