‘Full Moon Hike’ Being Offered at Capital Region Park

‘Full Moon Hike’ Being Offered at Capital Region Park

You’ve seen a full moon, but maybe not quite like this. Moreau Lake State Park will be hosting an evening hike on Friday, January 6. If the skies are clear, it will be quite the site.

The ‘full moon’ hike will begin at 5pm. Hikers will trek around the lake and see the full moon rise over the mountains. Staff encourages anyone participating to wear spike shoes or snow shoes due to the terrain. If you don’t have them, they they will have a limited number available to rent for the evening.

Reservations are required, it’s $5 per adult and $1 per child. Call or text 518-917-2174 to reserve your spot.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the January 6th full moon is known as the ‘Wolf Moon’. Its name comes from Native American times when wolves would be heard howling by nearby villagers at the January moon. Its best visibility is estimated to be at 6:08pm.

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