Forecasters Warn of ‘Dangerous Travel’ Conditions Friday

Forecasters Warn of ‘Dangerous Travel’ Conditions Friday

The ‘bomb cyclone’ that’s wreaking havoc across parts of the country will make its way to the Capital Region Thursday night into Friday. Although not expected to bring a significant amount of snow to the area, the system will bring very heavy rain, strong winds and dangerous icy conditions.

Temperatures on Friday are expected to reach the low 50’s, but quickly plummet into the high teens and 20’s Friday afternoon. The low temps are expected to cause a ‘flash freeze’, meaning roads, sidewalks and bridges could become iced over quickly before the rain has time to run off.

The National Weather Service says the freezing temperatures could arrive as early as 2pm Friday, making the drive home – as well as holiday travel – quite treacherous.

There are already high wind warnings, flood watches and winter weather advisories in effect for much of the area.

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