Alleged Malta Package Thief Caught, Arrested

Alleged Malta Package Thief Caught, Arrested

Approximately 18 packages in the area of Thimbleberry Road in Malta were found opened with the contents missing at several homes in the neighborhood. It happened in the afternoon hours on November 28th over a two hour period.

The Saratoga County Sherriff’s Office had been investigating the incidents and arrested 30 year old Sarah Micheli of Malta. She’s charged with one count of felony grand larceny and thirteen counts of petit larceny.

In a statement, Saratoga County Sherriff Michael Zurlo said he’s proud of his department for their hard work:

I’m grateful for the outstanding work our deputies did in closing this case. The community should know my that my office will investigate these cases with all of our resources.

Micheli was arraigned and is scheduled to appear back in court at a later date.

feature photo by Kindel Media via Pexels