Pet Connection

Pet Connection

Do you want to have a banner day….how about meeting “Banner”…
This is not a dog for everyone. He needs to be busy and have a job….He is what I call a thinking dog. He’s probably smarter than me.

Pet Connection 7-31-20

Banner is a one-year-old Cattle Dog and Labrador mix that was brought to us due to some behavioral issues stemming from his overactive brain getting the best of him.

He is very typical of the Cattle Dog breed with his stubbornness and need to be busy at all times. He is around 65 pounds and is a friendly dog, but we have seen him be a bit nervous with new people and also is known to be difficult with young children so we are recommending no one under the age of ten in the home.

Once he is used to his people he is very affectionate and playful. He can be selective and dominant with other dogs so it would have to be the right fit for him to get along with another dog in the home.

Another reason he was surrendered to us was for his extreme prey drive, hunting the cats and chickens at his old home. He really is a great dog that just needs the right home with lots of time and patience so he has the best chance at success. Due to his energy level and being a known escape artist he would need a 6 foot fenced in yard

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