Pet Connection

Pet Connection

Here is a perfect example of a Puppy Mill Designer dog…A Pomeranian/Husky mix….bred…and was Too Large so sat in a cage for 6 month to see how big she would become. Really pisses me off. Let’s find this girl “Phoenix” the home she deserves….Love-Patience-and understanding. Notice there are STRICT requirements…..if you do not have these, she can not be adopted to you. We need this to be just right for her. She continues to grow and come out of her shell. She will be amazing.

1-11-19 Even though sweet shy Phoenix is only 7 + months old she has been thru enough for a lifetime. A little over a month ago Phoenix was rescued from the life of a puppy mill dog. She was breed-to be a Pomsky. That’s a Pomeranian/Husky. That type dog is only the size of a small Pomeranian but looks like a husky. Because she was not the right size the mill owner got rid of her. So sadly she lived the first 6 months in a crate. Never knowing what human touch was or love. We have been working with her this past month and she is learning to trust us. She LOVES to play with all dogs but dogs her size or bigger would be best because of her rough play. She loves her toys and is in that puppy stage of chewing on things. And walking on a leash is slow to learn but we are getting there. We know this beautiful little girl is going to get a lot of attention.

Please understand we are all volunteers. Only applications that meet the requirements that she needs will be answered/processed.


*Phoenix will need at least a 4 foot high fenced in yard.

* She needs a playful playmate about her size or larger to expel that puppy energy and to learn from.

* No children under the age of 10 years old due to her being a large puppy.

* She is not your typical dog and will need to be placed in a dog savoy home who will go slow with and have the patience.

* And she will need to be crated at night time or when you are away.

Free to be me Rescue 518-956-1804. Come meet Phoenix and all the other wonderful dogs this Saturday, the 12th, from 11-1pm, at The Healthy Pet Center in Latham, 775 New Loudon Road. You can fill out an application at